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For prices and special offers please contact us on:

Tel: 902 702 400
Fax: 96 683 04 53
Email: advertising@thepost.es

Advertising Representatives in your area:

Main Office: 902 702 400
Julie Mazurke: 607 408 340 Moraira – Alicante area
Eva Asensio: 607 329 306 Moraira – Alicante area
Eva Cruz: 617 369 436 Alicante – Torrevieja area
Mike Cunningham: 607 459 651 Torrevieja – Mazarron area
Via credit card or bank transfer. (We do not accept any advertising over the phone)

If sending original advert material please make sure it’s conforms to the following:
Images between 200-300 dpi (dots per inch)
Either .jpg .tif .eps image formats
Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign or Word.
PC documents, not Macintosh
Alternatively presented clearly on paper.

General information:
These pages consist of 5 columns, with a width of 45,5 mm and a height of 330mm each one. Space between columns 4 mm.
The printed surface of each page is of 243,5 mm in width and 330 mm in height.
All advertising is subject to 21% VAT. TERMS: All advertising ordered without a contract must be paid in advance. Contracted advertising to be paid as follows: 50% on signature of contract, and the balance when first half of the contract has been fulfilled.

For more information:

Tel: 902 702 400
Fax: 96 683 04 53
Email: advertising@thepost.es